Ali Jumaa for girls: “Adhere to chastity and do what pleases God in any situation

Books – Muhammad Qadous:

Dr. Ali Gomaa, the former Egyptian Mufti and Chairman of the Religious Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives, said that the origin of the friendship relationship between a boy and a girl is chastity, pointing out that Sharia law allows friendship under several conditions.

Jumaa added, during an episode of the “Nour El-Din” program, “Chastity is a word that opposes blackmail, obscenity, and deviance. It is a comprehensive word in the Arabic language that means something of purity and chivalry. We call it in morals the highest meanings, and it is what makes a person a human being.”

He continued: “The girl is the most vulnerable in the relationship with the man. If this relationship fails, the girl is the party that loses the most. Therefore, our speech is directed to girls to be more careful in this relationship, to be more committed to the issue of chastity, and to be more careful in this relationship, so that it is balanced.” And to walk within the limits of God Almighty’s satisfaction.”

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