Almost 10 times: the tremendous achievement of “Wonderland”

“Wonderful Country” aired on Bequest 12 is one of the most successful programs in Israel and manages to conquer the ratings table every episode. Yesterday (Wednesday) the program achieved an impressive figure as usual, but this time the gap between it and the program at the bottom of the table was bigger than ever.

“Real Time” is at the bottom of the table – “Great Country” is conquering

The show “Real Time” hosted by Assaf Lieberman in Khan 11 achieved only 2.4% ratings and was pushed to the bottom of the table. “Wonderful Land”, on the other hand, achieved almost 10 times: 20.4% rating in first place. Among them were the “Patriots” of channel 14 with a 6.3% rating and the “Otto Ohl” of network 13, which broadcast the finale of the program and achieved a 4.1% rating.

The order was also maintained with the news editions: news edition 12 at the top of the table with 16.2% rating, news edition 14 with 6.6% rating in second place, news edition 13 in third place with 4.7% rating and news edition here in last place with 3.8% rating.

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