An air depression will sweep the Kingdom in the coming hours. Saudi Arabia’s weather today is witnessing thunderstorms, and the situation will extend to these areas

An air depression is sweeping the Kingdom today, Thursday, the 15th of February, and its effects are now beginning, and Saudi Arabia’s weather is greatly affected by it, leading to thunderstorms, while the depression will extend tomorrow, Friday, to Kuwait and Iraq, and its impact will continue on all countries in the region until the late hours of Friday, the 16th. February, and details about the weather condition in the Kingdom today, follow the following lines.

Saudi Arabia weather today

Saudi Arabia weather today

The Saudi National Meteorological Service explained today, Thursday, that the opportunity is still ripe for thunderstorm rain to fall in several areas of the Kingdom, accompanied by intense cold showers, in addition to the arrival of active winds that raise dust and dirt, which greatly affects the level of horizontal visibility.

Al-Qassim, Riyadh, Al-Baha, and Mecca are affected by this situation, the details of which are mentioned, in addition to the regions of Medina, the northern borders, Tabuk, Hail, and Al-Jawf.

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Surface wind movement

Saudi Arabia weather today

The National Center of Meteorology reported new details today about the movement of surface winds over the Red Sea regions, which reported that they are northwesterly to southwesterly, spreading over the northern and central regions, and becoming southeasterly to southwesterly in the southern part, while their speed begins at 15-45 km per hour. It sometimes reaches more than 50 km per hour, in the Bab al-Mandab Strait area.

Many indicators also point to the chances of rainy thunderclouds forming, accompanied by a rise in waves today at a level starting from one to two metres, and at times reaching more than 2 metres, in addition to the availability of strong chances of rainy thunderclouds forming. As for the sea condition, it is average. There are chances of rain and thunderclouds forming.

As for the movement of surface winds in the Arabian Gulf region, the wind direction is from northeasterly to southeasterly. As for the expected speed, it is expected to start from 10-30 km per hour, and the wave height in the Mediterranean Sea today will reach from half a meter to a meter.

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How cold is it in Riyadh?

Minimum temperature is 16 degrees Celsius.

What is the lowest temperature recorded in Riyadh?

By 5 degrees

What is the coldest city in Saudi Arabia?

Turaif city in the north of the Kingdom.

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