An apartment fire causes a young man to suffocate with an awl

The night before yesterday, a fire broke out in an apartment on the third floor of a residential building in the Kherraza neighborhood in the municipality of El Bouni, causing a young man to suffer from difficulty breathing, which necessitated the immediate intervention of civil defense personnel to provide him with first aid and transfer him to Ibn Sina Hospital to receive the necessary treatment. Civil Protection services revealed to Akher Saa that their agents received the day before yesterday at around 3:00 p.m. and a few calls stating that a fire broke out in an apartment on the third floor at the address of a residential building at the aforementioned address. They immediately went to the scene, and after arriving and inspecting it, it became clear that the fire had caused material losses and a 33-year-old man had difficulty breathing. He was immediately given first aid on the spot and then transferred to the emergency room to receive the necessary treatment. The fire was finally extinguished and prevented from spreading to the rest of the neighboring residences. The cause of the fire remains unknown at the time of writing these lines. It is worth noting that the incident left panic and fear among those who witnessed it. As a reminder, Civil Protection services have always warned of fires of all kinds, especially house fires, which may affect the safety of people.

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