An opportunity that will not be repeated for those wishing to finance 100 thousand riyals without a guarantor and with an installment of only 1800 per month. Apply and get it on easy terms today.

Alinma Bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as a financial institution that provides innovative financing solutions that meet the personal and professional needs of its customers with strict adherence to Sharia standards, the bank provides a wide range of financing options that vary to suit various situations and needs. Alinma Bank is not limited to providing traditional financial services only, but goes beyond them to provide Financing that is compatible with Islamic Sharia, making it a preferred destination for those looking for financing solutions that respect their religious and moral principles. From financing individuals to companies, Alinma Bank strives to meet customer needs in the most flexible and innovative ways.

Ease and speed in obtaining financing of 100 thousand riyals

Alinma Bank is distinguished by its simplified and efficient financing application process, ensuring its customers speedy procedures and accurate response. Whether you are looking for personal financing or for your business project, Alinma Bank offers various options that help you achieve your financial goals without the need for cumbersome bureaucratic complications.

Not only through advanced financial services, but also through a team of specialized experts, Alinma Bank provides support and guidance to its clients. Through personal and professional consultations, the bank ensures a comprehensive and integrated financing experience that meets your needs efficiently and effectively.

Alinma Bank financing conditions without a guarantor

Before starting the application process, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the basic conditions imposed by Alinma Bank for financing without a guarantor, which include:

  • NationalitySaudi nationality is a prerequisite to qualify for financing.
  • the jobThe applicant must work for one of the entities approved by Alinma Bank.
  • the age: The minimum age is 18 years to apply for financing.
  • Administrative feesThe applicant must pay an administrative fee of 1% of the financing value, up to a maximum of 5,000 Saudi riyals.

Steps to obtain financing from Alinma Bank

To facilitate the application process and ensure that all requirements are met, the following steps should be followed carefully:

  1. Registration via the official link of Alinma Bank Or by downloading the bank’s application from the Google Play Store.
  2. After entering the application or website, choose the financing option without a salary from the available list.
  3. The applicant must accurately enter all required personal data, including name, phone number, and salary details, if any.
  4. After filling out the data completely and accurately, click the submit button to submit the application.

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