Anas Bukhash to Esaad Younis: I am a Leo and I love Batman and my favorite color is black

Emirati media revealed Anas Bukhash Regarding some aspects of his personality, he said: “My favorite color is black, and my zodiac sign is Leo, and I love the character of Batman very much because it is mysterious, and people call me Batman.”

Anas Bukhash added, in his meeting with the media personality, Isaad Younis, on the “Her Excellency” program, which is broadcast on the channel: dmc“The secret of craftsmanship… I expect that my success in my work is because I listen as much as I hear, and I do not pass judgments against people because those who pass judgments keep people away from them, and I believe that the last thing is that my energy is comfortable with the people who talk to me.”

Anas Bukhash continued: “I am not curious and I do not care about what people say. Even in interviews, I leave people free to talk about what they want, and most of my episodes that aroused people’s interest exceed 200 episodes, and I met guests who had the courage to talk about many things, but one of my first episodes was with My mother and I talked about many things.”

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