Angham and Mohamed Ramadan in one advertisement… and a special appearance by their family

For the first time, Angham and Mohamed Ramadan in one artistic work, as this came through presenting a television advertisement for one of the telecommunications companies, and it began showing hours ago in conjunction with the first day of the month of Ramadan 2024, and in this advertisement the duo presented together a song entitled “Sweet Hours.”

Mohamed Ramadan

Mohamed Ramadan and Angham’s announcement included a special appearance by their family in some scenes of the video, which included various places and filming locations in Egypt, including the streets of the Shubra neighborhood.


The advertisement also recorded an exceptional appearance by Naguib Sawiris, which was revealed by Mohamed Ramadan earlier, on his Facebook page, when he said: “The story in short is that the director of the advertisement, Kamla Abu Zekry, said to me in a scene in the advertisement, ‘See you with your friends,’” I am my closest and dearest friend, engineer Naguib Sawiris, and I told him, and as usual, he surprised me with his courage and agreed to appear with me in the advertisement. All thanks to my beloved and dear friend.

Mohamed Ramadan’s absence from the 2024 Ramadan race

On the other hand, Mohamed Ramadan will be absent from the Ramadan 2024 drama season, after the great success he achieved in the series “Jaafar Al-Omda” last season.

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