Café screens show the series “Muhareb” starring Hassan Al-Raddad, and its patrons praise the work

A strong and promising start witnessed by the events of the first episode of Warrior series Star Championship Hassan Al RaddadThe episode received great praise on social media sites and social networking platforms, and the star Hassan Al-Raddad succeeded in attracting attention from the first workshop, as cafes in the streets were crowded to watch the work, which was a great success.


The events of the first episode of the Warrior series, Conspiracy, took place Mahmoud Al-Bazawi With one of the drivers of his luxurious Antar car to spoil the joy of Hassan Al-Raddad for his daughter Nahid Al-Sibai by informing about the car that Muharib is working on on the wedding day.

The camera goes to another scene of Nahed Al-Sibai dancing while upholstering her Izzala’s furniture for joy, amidst the joy of her friends, and also Hassan Al-Raddad dancing while transporting Izzala, then dancing with his mother, Afaf Shuaib, his brother Amr Mahmoud Yassin, and his sister on the morning of his wedding.

Ahmed Zaher also appears in another scene while he is in his office, and Nimrod rebukes one of his men for cooperating with one of his competitors without his knowledge, and threatens to return him to prison if this act is repeated.

The series Warrior, which is shown as part of the Ramadan 2024 series, will be shown daily on the CBC channel exclusively at 9 pm and repeats at 3 am and 5 pm. It will be shown on the CBC Drama channel at 10:30 pm and repeats at 1:30 pm.

Warrior series starring: Hassan Al-Raddad, Ahmed Zaher, Majed Al-Masry, Nahed Al-Sebaei, Nermin Al-Feki, Menna Fadali, Tamer Abdel Moneim, Malak Ahmed Zaher, Salwa Othman, Mahmoud Al-Bazawi, Abed Anani, Nour Mahmoud, Ahmed Anan, Karim Al-Omari, Samaa Ibrahim , Afaf Shuaib, Ghofran Muhammad, Mahmoud Al-Laithi, Mahmoud Amr Mahmoud Yassin, Hassan Eid and a number of other artists.

Warrior series, written by Mohamed Sayed Bashir, directed by Sherine Adel, and produced by Ahmed El-Sobky. Its events revolve in a suspenseful social context around the young man Aziz, who comes from Upper Egypt and lives with his family in Cairo. His life changes completely after the death of his father, as he is forced to work to support his family until he discovers a big secret related to his inheritance. From his father, this secret changes the course of his life completely.

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