“Apartment Works” series, Episode 1 – Hisham Majed and Asmaa Jalal’s suffering with their twin children never ends | news

The first episode of the series “Apartment Works” was shown by artist Hisham Majed and artist Asma Jalal. In the beginning, we got to know “Hamdi” Hisham Majed, who works as a forensic doctor, and is married to “Yasmine,” Asma Jalal, who works as a broadcaster.

While “Hamdy” is working on a case, his wife “Yasmine” gives birth to twins. We discover through the events that “Hamdy’s” mother, whose role is played by the artist Sherine, is an old-fashioned woman who always compares the life of the past with what is happening in the present. As for “Yasmine’s” mother, her role is played by Salwa. Muhammad Ali is a modern woman, and they have many differences.

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Hisham Majed plays the role of “Hamdi,” a forensic doctor

Hamdi and Yasmine’s suffering with the twins begins when they return home. She is not good at dealing with children and even her mother, so Hamdi turns to his mother, and after refusing more than once to have a woman come to help his wife with household chores, he accepts in the end because The many burdens that have become on him and the impact this has on his work.

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Hamdi is married to Yasmine and they have twins

“Yasmine” seeks the help of “Umm Sabreen”, whose role is played by the artist “Intisar”, to help her with household chores, but “Umm Sabreen” always holds the phone to her ear and talks all the time, which makes her lose her focus while working.

Hamdi and Yasmine suffer because of “Umm Sabreen,” who helps them with household chores

Umm Sabreen makes a big mistake, despite Hamdi’s warnings to her not to approach his office room. She goes and takes a white shirt that was used for a case, and washes it, which gets him into a big problem.

Umm Sabreen caused a major crisis for Hamdi

The series “Apartment Works” stars Hisham Maged, Asma Galal, Sherine, Salwa Muhammad Ali, Mustafa Gharib, and others, written by Khaled and Sherine Diab, and directed by Khaled Diab.

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