Are Aliko and Liraz separated after the birth? This is the illusory reason for the crisis in the relationship

However, after the birth and the circumcision in which the name of the newborn, John, was revealed in “Walla! Celebs” it was announced today (Wednesday) that the two are in a very serious crisis in their relationship and fought to the point that Liraz allegedly left their shared home with their little son and returned home Her mother is in Tel Aviv. Also, on the page of “Arab Tov” it was reported that the two even decided to cancel the wedding that was planned to be held on June 4.

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Now, in “Walla! Celebs” they revealed the reason for the crisis in the relationship. It turns out that only Alico’s family members came to John’s alliance. According to people who were at the event: “Aliko shouted during the event to Liraz’s mother, ‘The event is at my house, I will decide who to invite, and if you don’t feel well, you are invited to fly away from here’. This is after Liraz’s grandfather was not invited, as were the rest of her family.”

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