How to submit a request for financial aid from Qatar University

The service of submitting a financial aid request at Qatar University is one of the most important services that a large number of students at the university need, in order to benefit from the support provided in its various forms. The university has announced the necessity of providing a set of conditions and controls that must be met in order to be eligible for financial support, and through These lines highlight the clarification of how to register a request for financial assistance and the required controls.

Request financial assistance

Request financial assistance

Qatar University allows students to submit a request for financial assistance in more than one way, the most prominent of which is submitting the request through its website in simple steps, by following the following:

  • In the first step, you enter directly into Opportunity university Qatar Email.
  • The list of available electronic services can be accessed through the website’s home page.
  • It requires the user to click on the Request Financial Assistance icon.
  • You are working on determining the type of grant and financial assistance you want from the assistance available through the website.
  • It requires the user to write down all the required data correctly.
  • Click on the icon to attach all required documents in the appropriate place.
  • Ensure that you agree to all terms and conditions of the service.
  • The application is then followed up through the university’s website, in order to determine whether the application has been rejected or accepted.

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Conditions for financial aid from Qatar University

Request financial assistance

Qatar University emphasized the necessity of a number of important conditions and controls that the student must fulfill in order to obtain financial assistance. These conditions are as follows:

  • It is essential that the applicant for financial aid has not previously received a warning from the university.
  • The student must attend the university regularly.
  • The application is also submitted electronically.
  • Ensure that the required documents are attached to approve a financial aid request.
  • It is necessary for a student wishing to obtain financial assistance from the university to obtain a cumulative GPA of 5 out of 4, for students receiving scholarships.

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Submit a request for financial assistance from a charitable organization

The State of Qatar includes a large number of charitable organizations that provide various forms and methods of assistance to needy citizens, the most prominent of which is the Qatar Charity Association, where a request for financial assistance is submitted from a charitable organization by following the following:

  • First it is necessary to do to download application The closest ones.
  • Then log in to the platform by correctly writing down your name, email, and password to enter the site.
  • The user is required to access the list of available electronic services.
  • The service of submitting a help request is determined.
  • The type of assistance the applicant desires is selected.
  • All data required from the user is filled in the designated form.
  • Write down all data, whether yours or your family members.
  • Attach all required documents and papers.
  • Click on agree to the terms and conditions, then click on the submit request icon.

How much is the Qatar University scholarship?

Qatar University provides a one-time financial aid with a maximum of 5,000 Qatari riyals.

How do I know the amount owed to Qatar University?

You can inquire about the value of the student’s amount at Qatar University through the site the official private With it.

Is studying at Qatar University free?

Study services are provided at Qatar University in various specializations by paying fees for that, and the free study is based on the scholarship system provided by the university.

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