Baladila Al-Mahalla regains the memory of victories in the Nile League after an absence and defeats Al-Dakhiliya

had won Mahalla Municipality against Al-Dakhiliya with a clean goal in the match currently being held between them at Ghazl Al-Mahalla Stadium in the twenty-fifth round of the Nile League competition (Egyptian League), so that the Mahalla team regains the memory of victories after the absence of 5 matches, as the last victory it achieved was against the Arab Contractors.

He scored the goal of the Mahalla Municipality Hossam Ashraf In the 34th minute from a penalty kick, he took the lead for his team at Ghazl El Mahalla Stadium, raising his score to 12 goals, his score at the top of the Egyptian League’s top scorers’ standings.

Ranking of the municipality of Mahalla and Al-Dakhiliya in the league

With this result, the Mahalla Municipality, led by Ahmed Abdel Raouf, occupies 15th place in the league table with 22 points and has a postponed match against Zamalek, while Al-Dakhiliya is in 18th and last place in the table with 12 points in the league. League table He has a postponed match against Al-Ahly.

Formation of the municipality of Mahalla in front of the interior

Goalkeeper: Ahmed Hussein.
Defense line: Hisham Hafez, Nour Al-Zammouri, Mohamed Ragab and Al-Sayed Awad.
Midfield: Enoch Benjamin, Majed Hani, Islam Marzouk, and Ahmed Etman.
Offensive line: Mohamed Amissi and Hossam Ashraf.

Al Mahalla Municipality substitutes in front of the Interior Ministry

Mahmoud Maher, Mohamed Saber, Youssef Hassan, Wahid Mohsen, Musa Ephrem and Samana, Kahraba and Hamza Magdy, and Karim Mamdouh.

Interior formation in front of Mahalla Municipality

Goalkeeper: Mohamed Magdy.
Defense line: Karim Yahya, Abdul Rahman Samat, Moaz Al-Hanawi and Mahmoud Mansour.
Midfield: Adham Hamed, Mahmoud Hassouna, and Ashraf Al-Afeili.
Offensive line: Islam Abdel Naeem, Phanom Alfred, and Youssef Tunji.

Interior substitutes in front of Mahalla Municipality

Ramadan Mustafa, Mohamed Alaa, Ahmed Imad, Mahmoud Oka, Sherif Dabo, Ziad Sadiq, Mustafa Fawzi, Mahmoud Sharqia, and Mahmoud Saber.

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