Basant Shawqi responds to the public’s criticism and reveals the fact that she underwent plastic surgery

Egyptian artist Basant Shawqi was a guest on the “Your Interaction” program broadcast on Al Arabiya Channel, where she frankly answered the 25 questions posed to her by the program’s presenter.

Through the program, Basant responded to the criticism directed at her because of her use of many words in the English language during her speech, stressing that this matter is beyond her control.

Basant said: “I understand that people might be upset that I use English words more than Arabic, but this is the environment in which I grew up.”

She continued: “I am at home with my family, and even when we fight, we fight in English. I have gotten used to that. I have tried a lot and I work on the subject, but people imagine that I am making a show, but it is really difficult, and it is not clever of me and nothing to be proud of, but there are sentences that come to my mind in English so that I can sit.” Translating it will take a lot of time.”

Basant Shawqi also responded to her appearance in clothes that some described as bold and said: “The idea of ​​whether clothes are bold or not has to do with taste and a person’s upbringing. What may be bold for some people may not be bold for other people.”

Basant Shawqi revealed that she is annoyed by some people’s talk about the age difference between her and her husband, the artist Mohamed Farrag, and the spread of news that she is older than him in age. She said: “We are annoyed by those who say that I am older than Mohamed Farrag because it is not true as a concept. I have no problem and be frank, but if this is true, I will say it because I am proud.” “But what bothers me is that what is being said is not true.”

Regarding her position on plastic surgery, Basant confirmed that she had already undergone plastic surgery once in her life, saying: “I had one plastic surgery done on my nose because it was broken on a program before.”

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