Because of Fadwa Mawaheb and her daughters, Tamer Hosni tops the “X” trend

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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Books – Mustafa Hamza:

Star Tamer Hosni topped the X website’s trend lists after a photo of him with director Fadwa Mawaheb and her daughters spread.

The photo sparked controversy, amid criticism of the director, and various comments including, “Fadwa Mawahib and her daughters who don’t wear shorts at home, but wear them outside normally.” “What is this contradiction? Why don’t you do what you say?”

Director Fadwa Mawaheb previously directed the video clip for the song “Somethings I Taught You,” and edited the propaganda and songs in the movie “Omar and Salma” starring Tamer Hosni.

Fadwa was subjected to a severe attack on social media because of what was reported about her warning girls against wearing hot shorts at home.

Director Fadwa Mawaheb, on her social media pages, responded to the controversy.

Through private Instagram stories, she wrote: “Politeness and responding with respect and reconciliation have nothing to do with your love or hatred for the person in front of you, but rather it is evidence of your balanced psychology and good upbringing.”

She continued, “It is my duty to thank everyone who responded to my absence, and defended me, even if she or he does not love me. Be aware and forget that I did not come up with these words from me. This is according to the consensus of scholars and is more likely and more prudent.”

Fadwa explained, “By the way, this was not the main lesson. It was a request from the mothers whose daughters dress like this while their private parts are exposed in front of their father and young sisters and for the daughters not to listen to them.”

On her Facebook page, she posted a picture of herself while giving religious lessons, and Fadwa wrote: “Is there any blame for looking at children’s countries? Or adult girls until the age of 21?”

She continued, “But what fields? No one is attacking the investigation, and I am not watching the original video at all. There are agendas and committees and it is known who is behind them.”

Fadwa published the Qur’anic verse: “O you who have believed, if a sinner comes to you with news, investigate, lest you attack a people out of ignorance and then become regretful for what you have done.”

At the end of her comment, she wrote: “Backbiting, slandering, slandering chaste women, and engaging in honor, and God willing, retaliation on the Day of Resurrection.”

She added, “The Messenger of God was asked, ‘Which people are most afflicted?’ The Prophets said, ‘Then the best. Then the best. People are afflicted according to the extent of their religion. Whoever has a heavy religion, his affliction is severe, and whoever has a weak religion, his affliction is weak. Indeed, a man will be afflicted with affliction until he walks among the people without a sin upon him.’”

Mu’tazila director Fadwa Mawahib has recently topped social media lists, coinciding with her continued publishing of religiously significant videos on her YouTube channel.

Director Fadwa Mawahib, through her YouTube channel, published videos directed at children, in the form of religious lessons.

Fadwa presented episodes on disobedience to parents, stories of the prophets, the difference between sins and bad deeds, and more.

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