Because of the “hijab”.. What did Amal Hegazy do with Hala Shiha?

03:21 PM

Thursday 07 March 2024

Books – Mustafa Hamza:
Lebanese singer Amal Hegazy topped the social networking sites after she appeared without the hijab, after 5 years of wearing it.

The irony here is that the singer’s appearance without the hijab, which she announced wearing in 2019, coincided with the preparation of the controversial artist, Hala Shiha, to appear in the series “Mem Empire”, after she announced to remove the hijab and retract her decision to retire from art.

Amal Hegazy, after wearing the hijab, released a song entitled “Your Hijab is a Crown” to celebrate International Hijab Day, at the same time that the artist Hala Shiha announced that she was taking off the hijab.

As the attack against “Hala” escalated, the Lebanese singer Amal Hijazi, in addition to presenting “Your Hijab is a Crown,” made a call, through her social media pages and YouTube, to answer the question, “A controversy has arisen about the obligation of the hijab for women. Is it obligatory in the Qur’an or not?” what do you think ?”.

The question sparked a state of controversy among her fans, and they were divided between opponents and supporters, which caused her to respond to some comments, where she said, “The hijab is complementary to religion, and religion is not all about treating people, morals, accuracy, zakat, and reverence for God first and foremost.”

Amal stressed in another comment that she does not force anyone to wear the hijab, but rather that God guides whomever He wills.

Amal Hegazy responded to the attack she was recently subjected to, after taking off her hijab, and through her official account on the “X” website, she wrote: “To everyone who is concerned, I did not take off my morals, I did not take off my honor, I did not take off my closeness and my love to God, and I did not take off my humanity.” The poor, the needy, and the sick, and I did not abandon my principles, which I am proud of, thank God. I did not remove my modesty, and this is my religion, and this is what God asked of us as human beings, and this is what I will meet God with, and nothing else. With my love and respect, clarification is required.”

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