Before pronouncing the ruling in the case of the theft of Mirhan Hussein’s apartment, learn about the list of the stolen items

Today, Thursday, the Mokattam Misdemeanor Court issued its ruling on those accused of stealing gold jewelry and belongings of the artist Mirhan Hussein from inside her apartment in the department’s district.

The incident began with the artist Mirhan Hussein filing a report at the Mokattam Police Department accusing a group of workers of stealing her bag containing a sum of money and gold jewelry, while she was inside an apartment under construction. Investigations revealed that two “ceramic” workers sought help from another and stole the bag and gold jewelry, and they were arrested. them and refer them to the competent prosecution.

It turned out that the stolen items were: 4 watches, 8 gold rings, 1 gold earring, 2 cufflinks, 1 gold pound chain, 2 gouache, and a bag containing personal belongings and shoes belonging to Mirhan Hussein.

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