Biden is “frustrated” with Netanyahu and acknowledges the difficulty of reaching a truce during Ramadan News

The American president said Joe Biden A ceasefire was reached in Gaza strip He seems difficult between the Palestinian resistance and Israel during the month of Ramadan, revealing his frustration with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

On the other hand, Biden said that Israel will secure the temporary port to provide aid to Gaza.

In response to journalists’ questions about whether he was frustrated with Netanyahu regarding aid, Biden replied, “Yes.”

Biden also expressed “deep” concern about the violence that could erupt in occupied East Jerusalem during Ramadan.

Biden announced Thursday during State of the Union address He issued instructions to the American army to establish a temporary port on the Gaza coast, adding that more humanitarian aid will enter Gaza by sea through the port without American soldiers setting foot on the territory of the Strip.

A US Department of Defense spokesman said:PentagonThe port will contribute to providing more than two million meals a day to the residents of the besieged Strip, indicating that Washington continues to coordinate with partner countries (which he did not name) regarding the port, including Israel, which will be responsible for the security aspect, without giving more details.

No tangible results

The United States, Qatar, and Egypt are working to reach a truce agreement in Gaza before the month of Ramadan, but the negotiations that took place this week in Cairo did not lead to any tangible results.

Al Jazeera sources reported that the Cairo negotiations ended without reaching an agreement, and that the mediators between the Islamic Resistance Movement (agitation) and Israel tried to bridge the gap between the two parties, but their efforts did not succeed.

The sources said that Israel rejected Hamas’s request for a permanent ceasefire, the withdrawal of the Israeli army from the Gaza Strip, and the return of the displaced without conditions.

For his part, he called Abu Obeida -Spokesperson Al-Qassam Brigades (The military wing of Hamas) – in a statement, “Our people in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and the 1948 are heading toward… Al-Aqsa MosqueDuring the month of Ramadan, and “not allowing the occupation to change the reality on the ground,” saying, “We welcome Ramadan with jihad and unity in a time when men are proud.”

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