Cairo University: The university president’s imprisonment ruling is related to the capacity, not the person, and is not final

Cairo University’s media advisor, Dr. Mohamed Mansour Heiba, stated that some websites published the news of the issuance of a preliminary ruling, not a final one, regarding the imprisonment of the President of Cairo University and the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture in their job capacity and not in person.

She announced Cairo University This ruling is related to the capacity and not the person, and it is not enforceable and is subject to appeal. It concerns the implementation of a ruling that the university has already implemented and has carried out its duties towards judicial implementation. There is nothing to discredit Cairo University or its leadership. Rather, it is merely a judicial dispute that has entered the appeal stage, and such rulings It is issued regarding administrative leaders in their functional capacity, and nothing affects them personally.

The university confirms that it implements judicial rulings as soon as they are received, and that it has implemented the ruling that it was said to have refrained from implementing, and this is its practice with all judicial rulings that it respects and always puts into effect.

Cairo University calls on all news sites to avoid exaggeration or putting the matter out of context.

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