Canadian company DarwinAI in Apple’s grip What do we expect Apple to offer in the field of artificial intelligence??

Based on what was published in the American Bloomberg Agency, Apple took over the Canadian company DarwinAI during this year, with the sole goal of building an artificial intelligence team. DarwinAI was active in the field of artificial intelligence technologies and specialized in examining contents during production and manufacturing.

DarwinAI’s focus was on small-sized, highly efficient artificial intelligence systems, and its official platform and social media were discontinued after Apple acquired it.

Apple included dozens of new employees to the company in order to research artificial intelligence, and Alexander Wong was appointed director of one of Apple’s teams in the field after he was a co-founder. When the reason was inquired from the media side of Apple, the response was that it buys small companies from time to time, but Do not disclose plans or goals.

The global company seeks to include the advantages of artificial intelligence in its latest versions, such as iOS 18 and macOS 15, to compete with Google, Microsoft, and others by integrating artificial intelligence into services and applications.

Apple is also working on running the distinctive features of artificial intelligence on devices, but without connecting to servers. This is for reasons related to privacy, preserving data for users, and reducing the cost of operation by designing small and useful artificial intelligence systems such as the Gemini Nano model.

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