“Hajj and Umrah”: Umrah cannot be repeated during Ramadan

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced that permits cannot be issued to perform… Umrah Two or more times during the holy month of Ramadan, noting that performing Umrah rituals only once in Ramadan achieves many benefits.

The Ministry noted that restricting one Umrah during Ramadan aims to reduce crowding, provide opportunity for others, cooperate in organizing, and make things easier for Muslims.

According to the “Nisk” platform, if you want to issue a permit for Umrah for the second time, a message appears stating that the permit has failed to be issued. In order to provide everyone with the opportunity to perform Umrah, it is not possible to repeat Umrah in the month of Ramadan.

On the other hand, the General Authority was allocated to take care of… Sacred Mosque The Prophet’s Mosque has a number of doors in the Grand Mosque to receive pilgrims, coinciding with the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan for the current year, in coordination with government agencies working within the Grand Mosque.

The pilgrim can enter through King Abdulaziz Gate, King Fahd Gate, Umrah Gate, and Salam Gate, in addition to doors 85-93 of the ground floor except 88, Ajyad Staircase and Ajyad Bridge, Shubaika Staircase 65-66, King Fahd Stairway 91-92, and Stairway 84, as well as the ferries. Side 78-80 are designated for exit, staircase 74, regular stairs 71, 73, 85, 88, King Fahd staircase, doors 75-77 and 81-83, and Al-Shabika staircase are designated for emergency cases.

In addition to King Abdulaziz Gate, King Fahd Gate, Umrah Gate, and Zubair Gate on the ground floor, Ajyad Bridge, Shubaika Bridge, Othman Bridge, King Fahd Elevators on the first floor, Al-Arqam Stairway elevators, Umrah Gate elevators, Ajyad Stairway elevators, and Marwa Stairway elevators on the second floor and the roof for people with disabilities. .

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