Chairman of the Union Party: Martyr’s Day sends messages of sacrifice and redemption for the homeland

Counselor Reda Saqr, head of the Union Party, said that commemorating Martyr’s Day, which commemorates the passing of General Al-Dhahabi, Lieutenant General Abdel Moneim Riad, is a reminder of the great sacrifices made by the Fedayeen of the Egyptian Armed Forces and the sheer blood that watered the land of Egypt, in order to recover it from the hands of the enemies. The usurpers, pointing out that the entire Egyptian people carry within them the highest expressions of gratitude for those pure souls who sacrificed their lives in ransom for Egypt and its land.

Saqr added, in press statements today, that Martyr’s Day sends to current generations messages of love for the homeland, sacrifice for it, and living for its independence and freedom. These are great meanings that Egypt has paid great prices throughout the ages to achieve, and everyone must work to preserve what they have achieved. We inherited it over thousands of years.

The head of the Union Party pointed out that the celebration of Martyr’s Day comes at a time when the region is going through great turmoil, and Egypt faces risks on all its strategic borders, which alerts us to the need to be aware of these risks in order to confront them and thwart the plans swirling around the Egyptian state, noting President Sisi’s statements during the symposium. Educational information for the armed forces, which confirmed beyond any doubt that Egypt, its borders, and its national security are in safe hands.

Counselor Reda Saqr pointed out that President Sisi presented many revealing messages to local and international public opinion regarding the situation in the region, especially the aggression against Gaza, and the associated plans, most notably the displacement plan, which the president once again rejected the idea.

The head of the Union Party noted President Sisi’s messages to the Egyptian people, where he emphasized the necessity of unity and solidarity to face the challenges that Egypt has been going through for 4 years, stressing that only with the unity of Egyptians can Egypt overcome these difficulties.

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