Civil Defense warns citizens of the weather developments in Saudi Arabia today…and these are the places where rain will fall in the coming hours

During the past hours, the General Directorate of Civil Defense in Saudi Arabia was keen to warn the citizens and residents of the country to be extremely cautious today, in conjunction with the announcement of details of the Saudi weather today, Wednesday, the 6th of this month, as the National Meteorology Office usually announces today’s weather conditions in all regions of Saudi Arabia, While it explains the locations of rainfall according to several forecasts and weather forecasts in this regard, so we refer to what was announced regarding today’s weather.

Saudi Arabia weather today, Wednesday

Saudi Arabia weather today

The Saudi Civil Defense called on citizens to take caution and caution, in addition to its warning and the need to stay in safe places in case of heavy rain, and to follow all instructions related to human health and safety from bad weather conditions, which are announced to everyone through various media outlets, and this comes after the statements of the National Meteorologist. Heavy rain and thunderstorms will fall in several areas starting today and continuing until next Saturday.

Weather conditions in Saudi Arabia today

Saudi Arabia weather today According to the latest report issued regarding today’s weather, the Riyadh region is expected to receive moderate to heavy rain during the coming hours, which will cause torrential rains and hail to fall on several areas, coinciding with very fast descending winds, with a strong warning of The National Bureau of Meteorology described it as causing dust and dust, and this weather condition includes all of the capital, Riyadh, Diriyah, Sharqiya, and areas of Al-Baha, Asir, Al-Muzahmiyah, Durma, Al-Quwayiyah, Al-Aflaj, Al-Salil, Wadi Al-Dawasir, and other regions.

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Mecca weather today

As for the weather in the Makkah Al-Mukarramah region today, it is expected to be affected by moderate rains, in addition to the arrival of very fast descending winds that stir up dust and dirt. Jazan, Taif, and several areas of Medina, Maysan, Adham, and Al-Kamel will be affected by this weather condition referred to.

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Did it rain in Jeddah today?

0% chance of rain in the area.

How cold is it in Riyadh?

The minimum temperature is 13 degrees Celsius

When does the rainy season end in Saudi Arabia?

By the end of May,

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