Climate Center: Temperatures will rise starting today, reaching 38 degrees on Wednesday

Written by Asmaa Nassar

Sunday, April 14, 2024 10:36 AM

Dr. Muhammad Ali Fahim, head of the Climate Information Center, said:Ministry Of Agriculture And land reclamation, a gradual rise in temperatures is expected due to a temporary surface depression that will lead to an increase in temperature starting today, Sunday, to reach record values ​​on Wednesday exceeding 36-38°C in all regions and continuing Thursday in Upper Egypt..

Expectations indicate hot southern wind activity in the form of a pentatonic wave with wind speeds exceeding 35-45 km/hour.

Fahim added that the month of Bermuda began on April 9 and continues until May 8, and it is the third month in the “Bart” season, which means “germination or growth” in ancient Egypt, when the flooding of the Nile River ends and all of Egypt’s lands begin to be covered in green..

Among the proverbs associated with this month are “Barmuda, pounding the pole,” which means pounding the ears of wheat after they are ripe and preparing the wheat for threshing or winnowing its grains after harvest. .

Fahim explained that Bermuda is the month of harvesting and threshing wheat and returning the favor to every diligent farmer who continued to care for his crop for 150 to 160 days, indicating that this year will be a good season for wheat crops, local beans, and medicinal herb crops “cumin/anise/caraway/fennel/ “Kasbra.”

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