Cold and rain arrive in Cairo.. Meteorology announces weather phenomena for the coming days

11:35 p.m

Saturday, March 16, 2024

Books – Muhammad Abdel Nasser:

Dr. Manar Ghanem, member of the media center at the General Meteorological Authority, revealed the weather changes that will occur in the weather starting today, Saturday.

Manar Ghanem said: Starting today, winter weather will return as a result of the country being affected by a depression in the upper layers of the atmosphere, in addition to the presence of cloud cover in most parts of the Republic that works to block the sun’s rays.

She indicated that there are chances of rain in a number of areas of the Republic, starting in the western region and being between light and medium in areas of the northwestern coasts, some areas of the Western Desert, and the governorates of northern Lower Egypt. It will also extend light to the governorates of southern Lower Egypt, the canal cities, and Greater Cairo.

She continued: Temperatures are falling again, recording 22 degrees in Cairo, and warm winter weather prevails in Greater Cairo, the governorates of Lower Egypt, and northern Upper Egypt, and warm on the northern coasts, and from hot to hot in the southern regions during the day.

She continued: With the absence of sunlight, temperatures drop significantly and cold weather prevails in all governorates of the Republic, with the temperature difference between night and day reaching 10 degrees Celsius.

Manar Ghanem warned citizens against the significant change in temperature between day and night hours, and not to loosen clothing during the current period.

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