Combat Sergeant: My fiancée did not curse me after I was injured.. and President Sisi: Come and stand beside him

Written by Samir Hosni

Saturday, March 9, 2024 10:50 AM

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi witnessed a singing segment about “Martyr’s Day” during the 39th Armed Forces educational symposium, on the occasion of “Martyr’s Day.”

A choir presented a song entitled “My Father Taught Me the Meaning of Martyrdom,” as the song’s lyrics say.

One day my father asked me and said, “What do you want to do?”

I told him that I wanted to be like you and stop being talked about by people

My father taught me the meaning of martyrdom, the meaning of manhood, and the meaning of heroism

He said, “Tomorrow, my son and I will stand up, believe me, your country needs you.”

You and its youth protect its soil, may God protect it with you

Sergeant First Fighter Ahmed Hosni Abd Rabbo from the Counter-Terrorism Forces in North Sinai recounted the details of his injury during his service in North Sinai, saying: “I had the honor of participating in many raids in North Sinai, and I was injured more than once. I myself would have had the honor of martyrdom, but God blessed me.” With the injury, and may God be my intercessor, during the last injury I was getting my passport approval and I learned that there was a major raid against very dangerous elements in Sheikh Zuweid. I postponed my trip so that I could participate in the raid, and during the raid I was hit by an explosive device that caused the amputation of both legs, the disability of my right hand, and shrapnel. My body was broken, my fiancée came to me in the hospital and I told her that everything was okay so that she could complete her life because the treatment would be long. She responded to me and told me that it was an honor for me and for any Egyptian girl to continue her life with heroes like you.

President Sisi asked the wife of the fighter Ahmed Hosni to stand on the stage next to her hero husband, saying: “Come stand next to him, please.”

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