Correcting defense mistakes is Koller’s top priority after Al-Ahly’s vacation ends

Marcel Koller is the technical director For Al-Ahly To correct the mistakes made by his players during the National Bank match yesterday, Tuesday, which showed catastrophic defensive problems, especially in the wide spaces between the lines and the wrong positioning of the players.

Al-Ahly lost to the National Bank with a score of 4/3 in the match that brought them together at Cairo Stadium in the 15th round of the Egyptian League competition, so Al-Ahly suffered its first defeat in the league this season.

Kohler wants to find solutions to the crisis of the defensive gap that caused his team to concede 4 goals in the National Bank match and stopped the series of positive results for the Red Team in various competitions, especially the error in the progress of the full-backs and the spaces between the lines and in the back of the back four, and the incorrect handling of set pieces and crosses and the penetration of the opponent. From the depth.

Swiss Marcel Kohler, technical director of Al-Ahly Club, spoke about the reasons for his team’s defeat on Tuesday evening by Al-Ahly Bank by four goals to three in the league..

Kohler said in statements to the press conference: “We deserved the defeat, because we did not possess or control anything in the match, and we presented the worst defensive performance since I took over the task of coaching Al-Ahly.”“.

He added: “Omar Kamal is not the only one who made a mistake. Everyone made a mistake and everyone was far from each other, and the attackers also did not defend.”“.

Al-Ahly coach continued: “When we signed Omar Kamal, I actually thought about playing him in the center back position, but he performed poorly today in that position, but he is not the only player who made a mistake, and I bear responsibility for his presence in this position, and this is a mistake that will not be repeated.” He concluded: “There was a state of relaxation indicating that we would win, but we paid a heavy price“.

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