Crescent vs groove You embarrassed the leader, and Saleh Al-Shehri’s “flaw” wastes his strength!

Features of facing the crescent and groove…


The premise is the same every time after the last matches. Al-Akhdood joined Al-Hilal’s victims in the home and away matches of the current season, after defeating them tonight by three clean goals.

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Al-Zaeem defeated the newly promoted Yellow League first division team by three clean goals; It was scored by Saleh Al-Shehri, Malcolm and Salem Al-Dosari, at the Kingdom Arena, in the 26th round of the Saudi Roshan League.

Despite the great pressure of the matches, the Portuguese Jorge Jesus; The technical director of Al-Zaeem, he entered the match with his full striking force, with the exception of Serbian striker Aleksandar Mitrovic, who was forced to absent due to injury, and Saleh Al-Shehri participated in his place.

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However, the crescent groove embarrassed!

No one can deny the wonderful levels that the leader presents, and it is enough that even when he is not at his best, he succeeds in claiming his victims as well.

But in fact, the groove tonight was the one who brought himself down, especially in the second half of the match.

The first half ended with a clean goal, but it is a result that does not reflect the course of the 45 minutes, as the groove was the best and succeeded in creating more than one dangerous opportunity had it not been for the brilliance of Moroccan goalkeeper Yassine Bounou at times, and the recklessness of Godwin and his teammates at other times.

The newly promoted team from the Yellow League to the first division succeeded in embarrassing the Jesus Battalion thanks to the defensive formation at the back and reliance on counterattacks, but this did not translate into goals despite creating opportunities.

It seems that the confidence that Al-Akhdoud gained from the first half was exploited incorrectly in the second half, as it decided to take a risk and advance, abandoning its defensive formation, so the opportunity was for the merciless Al-Hilal stars, so the second and third goals were from counterattacks, which was the strength of the first in the first place.

Saleh Al-Shehri: To be or not to be!

One of the players that was focused on in tonight’s match was Al Hilal striker Saleh Al Shehri, who returned to start in the absence of his main teammate Mitrovic.

Al Shehri – who was substituted in the 69th minute – scored the opening goal in the match with a header after following up on a ball from his colleague Ruben Neves.

In addition to the goal, Saleh excelled in his shots, as he shot four; All on goal.

But he suffered from a lack of concentration in duels, as he only excelled in four out of ten, as well as in aerial tackles, where he won three out of seven.

This was also the case with his passes, which were only 61.5% accurate, while he lost the ball six times and recovered it twice.

Perhaps the large defensive bloc of Al-Akhdood did not serve Al-Shehri, and even when Al-Akhdood rushed, it was replaced, but this bloc is what Saleh will face in almost all matches with a few exceptions, so exploiting half-chances, and playing for superiority in duels as well as aerial tackles is what will give him the advantage. If he excelled in this aspect tonight, he would certainly have added more than one goal in light of his excellence in shooting.

Al-Shehri faces a real test, not only him, but also the Italian Roberto Mancini. The technical director of the Saudi national team, who insists on using him throughout the past period despite sitting on the bench with Al Hilal at the expense of Firas Al-Braikan; Al-Ahly striker.

Mancio was defending him on the grounds that not only did he not get a chance with Al-Zaeem, but Saleh is currently facing a difficult test over the course of a month and a half until Metro returns. Either he will be or he will not be, and at that time he may lose in Al-Hilal as well as his place with the Saudi Green!


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