Dalia Mostafa suffers from diabetes and comments: I am proud of myself no matter who I am

published Artist Dalia Mostafa A video on the Instagram social media page, in which she suffers from Diabetes She commented, saying: I have diabetes, but I am not completely blind. Maybe God did this to protect us all from something more dangerous and greater. I thank God for everything and I am proud of myself, no matter who I am.

It was the last work Dalia Mustafa A legitimate relationship series starring Yasser Galal, Mai Omar, Murad Makram, Basant Shawky, Afaf Mostafa, Yasmine Rahmi, Wardshan Magdy, and a number of other artists. The work is written by Samah Al-Hariri, directed by Khaled Marai, and a joint production between my company.”Forever Drama – Maha Selim” and “mediahub – Saadi Gohar.

The story of the series “A Legal Relationship” revolves in a suspenseful context around a number of social issues, including marital violence and the idea of ​​a second marriage, through the story of Amr, whose role is played by the star Yasser Galal, who is a man married to Alia (Dalia Mostafa), who has teenage children, and discusses work. The form of the relationship he has with his wife and children, in addition to the story of his friend who suffers from a tense relationship with his wife and how Amr gets involved in that.

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