Danced on the grass: Spain in the quarter with 1:4 over Georgia

The outstanding actor

Fabian Ruiz, score: 9
Another marvelous performance from the man born again in the tournament, goal, bowling and great work in the middle

The disappointing player

George Mikautadze, score: 4
The top scorer of the Euros said goodbye to the tournament without being able to make an impact at all in his last match

We all remember that Spain team, the one that marked an era in national team football with ongoing football, three consecutive major titles and left behind unreasonable expectations for everyone since then. Tonight (Sunday) La Rocha of Euro 2024 provided another show that made the spectators hang high and remember that team with an impressive 1:4 against Georgia that earned them a ticket to a glittering quarter-final meeting against the proud host, Germany.

De la Fuente’s team remembers well the disappointing eliminations in the last major tournaments, from the opening whistle of their first game in the group stage, they came with a clear statement that is becoming more and more obvious by the moment: the aimless team that was called ‘la varat’ and kicked home on penalties against Morocco and Russia In the last World Cups she is no more, and the current team wants to go all the way.

Nevertheless, the Spaniards learned a new lesson in this match. Although they have already proven their superiority against big teams like Italy and Croatia in the group stage, they encountered an obstacle that they have not yet encountered, a must-goal goal. The control on the lawn in Cologne was bright red from the start, but an own goal by Robin Le Norman in the 18th minute caused them to find themselves behind for the first time in the tournament.

Rodri celebrates with the Spanish bench (Reuters)Rodri celebrates with the Spanish bench (Reuters)
Spanish Madness (Reuters)Spanish Madness (Reuters)

La Rocha did not go into shock and proved the character of a great team. The Spanish crushing only increased and in the 39th minute it also produced the equalizer of the serial winner, Rodri. Willy Sniol’s stubborn rival did not arrive to be eliminated, but there was a feeling that the force of nature that is Spain, would not be able to be held for a long time.

It came quickly, already six minutes from the start of the second half Lamin Yamal collected a masterful ball for what may prove to be the player of the tournament so far, Fabian Ruiz, who hit from close range and was completely justified. From there, it continued exactly as De La Fuente’s team wanted. Ruiz, this time as a cook, gave a huge ball to Nico Williams, who ran half a field on the way to the third goal in the 75th minute.

Shining - Fabian Ruiz celebrates (Reuters)Shining – Fabian Ruiz celebrates (Reuters)
Nico and Lamin ignite Spain's imagination (Reuters)Nico and Lamin ignite Spain’s imagination (Reuters)

The satisfied Spaniards had fun and in the 83rd minute, the substitute, Danny Olmo, sealed the result of the game on the way to a dominant 1:4 in which they recorded no less than 35 kicks, against only four by the Georgians. Saniol’s group could only appreciate their opponent and enjoy the great achievement they reached in the first place in qualifying for the round of 16 and parted from the tournament with a swollen chest and with a lot of pride despite the loss.

The neutral spectators will be disappointed with what the rest of the road holds for the Spanish team, as they will start from this moment on preparing for the meeting of giants that awaits them in the next stage – Germany in Stuttgart. Why are you disappointed you ask? Because apparently these are the two most powerful teams of the 2024 European Championship so far, when one of them will say goodbye to us already in the quarter, and the host does not plan for it to be her.

Simcha Sephardi (Reuters)Simcha Sephardi (Reuters)
Lamin Yamal  He has a reason to smile (Reuters)Lamin Yamal He has a reason to smile (Reuters)
With a swollen chest - the Georgians bid farewell to Euro 2024 (Reuters)With a swollen chest – the Georgians bid farewell to Euro 2024 (Reuters)
Rhodri excites the crowd at the end (Reuters)Rhodri excites the crowd at the end (Reuters)

second half

  • ’90+3
  • Judge's decision
  • The final whistle! Letsia closed the match, Spain beat Georgia 1:4
The Spaniards are celebrating (Reuters)The Spaniards are celebrating (Reuters)
Danny Olmo is crazy (Reuters)Danny Olmo is crazy (Reuters)
Danny Olmo scores (Reuters)Danny Olmo scores (Reuters)
  • ’83
  • Gate
  • Gate! Spain went up to 1:4: Olmo took advantage of mistakes in the Georgian defense and scored the fourth of La Roja, a Spanish celebration in Cologne
  • ’81
  • spare
  • Marino replaced Ruiz
  • ’81
  • spare
  • Double substitution in Spain: Navas replaced Carvajal
  • ’79
  • spare
  • Zibzibedze replaced Mikautdze
  • ’79
  • spare
  • Double substitution in Georgia: Kwakveskiri replaced Gwalshiani
Williams Wimal's Dance (Reuters)Williams Wimal’s Dance (Reuters)
Nico Williams celebrates (Reuters)Nico Williams celebrates (Reuters)
  • ’75
  • Gate
  • Gate! Spain went up 1:3: Ruiz delivered a wonderful long ball on half court and found Williams free behind the halfway line, the winger ran all the way, overcame the Georgian defense and finished tremendously in the net
  • ’71
  • yellow card
  • Ditchvili saw the yellow card
  • ’68
  • acidification
  • Tsitaishvili received a good ball and found himself completely free on the left side of the box, but kicked poorly and far from the frame
Grimaldo and de la Fuente (Reuters)Grimaldo and de la Fuente (Reuters)
  • ’66
  • spare
  • Oyarsabel replaced Morata
  • ’66
  • spare
  • Double substitution in Spain as well: Grimaldo replaced Cuqueria
  • ’63
  • spare
  • Tsitaishvili replaced Lochushvili
  • ’63
  • spare
  • Double substitution in Georgia: Dvitashvili replaced Chakvetdze
Lamin Yamal juggles (Reuters)Lamin Yamal juggles (Reuters)
  • ’62
  • acidification
  • Kochourashvili lost carelessly, Yamal touched the ball and advanced to the center of the box and turned a strong kick, but it went out of bounds
  • ’52
  • spare
  • Substitution in the Spain team: Olmo replaced Pedri
Fabian Ruiz celebrates (Reuters)Fabian Ruiz celebrates (Reuters)
The Spaniards in the clouds (Reuters)The Spaniards in the clouds (Reuters)
Lamin Yamal is happy, his excellent cooking (Reuters)Lamin Yamal is happy, his excellent cooking (Reuters)
Fabian Ruiz is crazy (Reuters)Fabian Ruiz is crazy (Reuters)
Fabian Ruiz scores the winning goal (Reuters)Fabian Ruiz scores the winning goal (Reuters)
  • ’51
  • Gate
  • Gate! Spain went up 1:2: Yamal kicked a tremendous free kick and was deflected by Mamardashvili, the move continued and reached the young winger again, who lifted a masterful ball into the area and found Ruiz completely free. The midfielder did not get confused and scored the justified advantage goal
  • ’48
  • acidification
  • Kabmarzadalia got free excellently and went on a quick burst, the winger caught Simon in a puzzling exit outside his goal and tried to score from half court, the ball narrowly missed the goal and went out
Fabian Ruiz tries to release himself from pressure (Reuters)Fabian Ruiz tries to release himself from pressure (Reuters)
  • ’46
  • acidification
  • 20 seconds to the start of the second half – Morata dropped a ball with his heel to Ruiz, who was free and kicked outside the box, but missed the frame

first half

Morata sees the yellow card (Reuters)Morata sees the yellow card (Reuters)
  • ’44
  • yellow card
  • Morata saw the first yellow card of the match
  • ’41
  • spare
  • Forced and first substitution in Georgia: Kitishvili was injured and could not continue, Altonshvili came in his place
Rhodri Bakstze, Justified Equality (Reuters)Rhodri Bakstze, Justified Equality (Reuters)
Rhodri in a clutch moment (Reuters)Rhodri in a clutch moment (Reuters)
Rhodri ran to celebrate (Reuters)Rhodri ran to celebrate (Reuters)
Giorgi Mamardashvili could no longer save this time (Reuters)Giorgi Mamardashvili could no longer save this time (Reuters)
Rodri unleashes a flat and accurate kick (Reuters)Rodri unleashes a flat and accurate kick (Reuters)
Rodri kicks and scores (Reuters)Rodri kicks and scores (Reuters)
  • ’39
  • Gate
  • Gate! Spain equalized 1:1: against a background of complete control, Rodri broke free on the edge of the box and unleashed a flat and excellent kick straight to the lower right corner of the goal and achieved the equalizer
  • ’33
  • acidification
  • Kokuriye continued in the Spanish range and unleashed a tremendous kick outside the box, which was also deflected by Amardashvili with great instincts
Pedri in the fight (Reuters)Pedri in the fight (Reuters)
  • ’27
  • acidification
  • Pedri dropped a ball out of the air and took control well, the midfielder advanced, created space for himself and unleashed a strong kick from the edge of the box that did not find the frame
  • ’21
  • acidification
  • Rhodri positioned himself in the box and kicked hard to the frame, Mamardashvili provided another excellent save and kept the advantage intact
Lamin Yamal is disappointed (Reuters)Lamin Yamal is disappointed (Reuters)
The Georgians in the clouds (Reuters)The Georgians in the clouds (Reuters)
Kabmarzadalia in madness (Reuters)Kabmarzadalia in madness (Reuters)
Robin Le Normand scores an own goal (Reuters)Robin Le Normand scores an own goal (Reuters)
  • ’18
  • own goal
  • Gate! Georgia went up to 0:1: an exemplary bursting attack, the Georgians did almost nothing on the grass, but thanks to an excellent dribble by Kabazdalia, they were able to quickly reach the attacking third, where Kakabedza passed a good cross that hit La Norman and went inside
  • ’10
  • acidification
  • A precise corner reached the head of Carvajal who made an excellent movement to the near corner, Mamardashvili excellently deflected the defender’s shot
Kashiya factor in action (Reuters)Kashiya factor in action (Reuters)
Pedri Buet (Reuters)Pedri Buet (Reuters)
  • ’4
  • acidification
  • Complete Spanish control ended with a good cross by Carvajal, who found Pedri in the box at the entrance from the second line, the midfielder kicked relatively weakly at Mamardashvili who caught the ball
The opening whistle in Cologne (Reuters)The opening whistle in Cologne (Reuters)
  • ’1
  • Judge's decision
  • The opening whistle! Letsia started the match
The Georgian fans are ready (Reuters)The Georgian fans are ready (Reuters)
Fabian Ruiz is getting ready (Reuters)Fabian Ruiz is getting ready (Reuters)
Lamin Yamal is warming up (Reuters)Lamin Yamal is warming up (Reuters)

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