Danny Kushmaro vs. Eric Clapton: “Heartbreaking, it’s not us, it’s you”

Danny Kushmaro He chose to refer tonight (Friday) during the Friday studio broadcast, to the protest held by Eric Clapton during the last months against Israel, throughout the war that began with the murderous massacre carried out by Hamas in Israel. Kushmaro harshly criticized the fact that Clapton, his childhood hero, used to appear recently with a guitar in “Palestine” colors.

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“The fact that some remote singer at Eurovision with pink feathers does some kind of provocation for the Palestinians, that’s fine,” he began his words and added: “But when it’s done by one of the greatest guitar players of all time, who has been performing in the last months since the massacre with a guitar in the colors of the “Palestine” flag, that doesn’t He cares that at a party where light, love and music were celebrated, 364 young people were murdered, it’s heartbreaking.”

“It’s not us, it’s you, Mr. Clapton,” he snapped. At this point, Kushmaro chose to refer to a poem he wrote after the death of his only 4-year-old son: “You wrote ‘Tears in Heaven’, after your little son who was only 4 years old was killed. So Eric, do you have tears in your paradise for little Omar The two-year-old who was murdered in his bed in Nir Oz, with his sisters and parents, who was murdered when he came to dance at a party for young women who were raped there, and what about two who were murdered at the same party and kidnapped to Gaza.”

Finally, he ended his words with sadness: “39 children were murdered in their homes, 364 young people were murdered at a music festival. It happened on purpose, during a ceasefire, not in a war. Eric, you were once my hero. The tears you sang about should be theirs too.”

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