Dash and Moaz meet in a mandatory course 10 years after “To Be Blamed”

In 2014, the movie “Lamadha” was shown, starring the two children, Ahmed Dash and Moaz Nabil. It was a great success at the time of its release, directed by Armo Salama. Moaz was the guide, friend, and role model for his colleague who came from another school, where they formed a distinctive duo in the events of the movie.

After 10 full years had passed, these two children met after they had grown up in the series “Compulsory course“Which was shown last Ramadan, where the same idea is repeated, and Moaz Nabil helps his friend Hussein in the events of the series, who opens the car wash that he owns for him as a place to meet Hussein and his brother.

An obligatory path series consisting of 15 episodes and shown as part of the Ramadan 2024 series, starring Ahmed Dash, Essam Omar, Sabreen, Basma, Juri Bakr, Nour Mahmoud, Mai Al-Ghaity, Rushdi Al-Shami, Yasmina Al-Abd, Moaz Nabil, Mohsen Mansour, Jihad Hossam, Noreen Abu Saada, Ibrahim Al-Zayadi, and a number of other artists, screenplay and dialogue by Amin Gamal, Mohamed Mahrez, Mina Bebawi, directed by Nadine Khan, and produced by United Media Services.

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