Demonstrators in Tel Aviv demand a detainee exchange deal and the resignation of Netanyahu’s government

Written by Muhammad Sharqawi

Saturday, March 9, 2024 08:55 PM

Cairo News Channel reported in breaking news that demonstrators in Tel Aviv are demanding an exchange deal for detainees and the resignation of Netanyahu’s government.

The occupation forces continue to launch hundreds of raids, artillery shelling, and carry out crimes throughout the Gaza Strip, committing bloody massacres against civilians, and carrying out horrific crimes in the areas of incursion, amid a catastrophic humanitarian situation as a result of the siege and the displacement of more than 90% of the population.

The Israeli occupation aircraft destroyed entire residential squares in the Gaza Strip, as part of the comprehensive destruction policy pursued by the occupation in its ongoing aggression against the Gaza Strip.

Thousands of martyrs and wounded have still not been recovered from under the rubble. Due to the continued bombing and the seriousness of the field conditions, in light of a stifling siege of the Gaza Strip and severe restrictions on the entry of fuel and urgent vital aid to alleviate the catastrophic humanitarian conditions.

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