Details of the Al-Ahram Studio fire and the dispatch of 15 fire engines to control the fire.. Pictures

Ibrahim Qasim

Saturday, March 16, 2024 03:18 AM

The fire consumed the contents of the filming site, spread outside, and civil protection dispatched about 15 fire engines.

It is expected that the fire will be completely controlled so that it does not spread to neighboring buildings, and that a cooling process will be carried out to prevent the fire from re-igniting the place.

A report was received by the emergency room in Giza, stating that a fire had broken out inside Al-Ahram studio in the Omraniyah area. Immediately, a number of fire trucks were sent to the location of the report. It was found, through preliminary inspection and investigations, that the fire had caught fire in the filming location of the series Al-Muallem, starring Mustafa Shaaban, and it was being controlled and action taken. Necessary legal procedures.

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