Dina Ramez collapsed the moment her mother’s body arrived at Mustafa Mahmoud Mosque to perform the funeral prayer.. Pictures

A short while ago, the body of the media personality’s mother arrived Dina Ramez The media figure, Tariq Allam, “protected” the Mustafa Mahmoud Mosque, to carry out the funeral of the body to its final resting place. The media personality, Dina Ramez, collapsed. Tariq Allam also attended with the body, in addition to the presence of the media personality, Shafki Al-Muniri.

Dina Ramez is an Egyptian journalist. She started her media work on Egyptian television and achieved fame through the “Without Montage” program. She then moved on to work for several satellite channels and returned again to Egyptian television and assumed the presidency of the “Nile Life” channel for a previous period.

Dina Ramez was distinguished by her great passion for her work and her ability to quickly adapt to new trends in the media. Dina Ramez focuses on social and cultural issues in an interactive and interesting way. She is also married to the journalist Tariq Allam, who is famous for the “Talks from Dahab” program.

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