Do not miss the opportunity with Ahlan Ramadan offers from Safir Market UAE

The Welcome Ramadan offers on food products from Safir UAE Hypermarket are considered one of the best and largest offers on food products, as these offers started on Thursday, February 22nd and will be available until Wednesday, February 28th, 2024 AD.

Welcome Ramadan offers

New Safir Market UAE discounts

  • Tang Instant Drink Powder with Orange Flavor: priced at 5.99 AED, instead of 10.95 AED.
  • Al Safi Long Life Camp Fat Milk: priced at 10.95 AED, instead of 23.90 AED.
  • Chucky Ana flour from Al Baker: priced at 5.95 AED, instead of 17.95 AED.
  • A cup of water from Al Rawda Springs: priced at 2.95 AED, instead of 6.95 AED.
  • Bismay rice from Rozanna: priced at 9.95 AED, instead of 29.95 AED.
  • Mumtaz vegetable oil: priced at 6.95 AED, instead of 9.95 AED.
  • Blue Almarai Cheese Jar: priced at 21.95 AED, instead of 35.95 AED.
  • Salted Pistachio Fendaki: Priced at 19.45 AED.
  • Assorted chocolates from Shogten: priced at 3.95 AED.
  • Toblerone chocolate: priced at 59.95 AED.
  • Toblerone chocolate: priced at 19.95 AED.
  • Milk chocolate from Cadbury: priced at 9.95 AED.

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New Safir Market UAE discounts

  • Chocolate dates from Tamra: priced at 19.95 AED.
  • Crispy fries from Mr. Potato Crisps: priced at 14.90 AED.
  • Bugles Tiffany Chips: priced at 13.95 AED.
  • Milk/chocolate cake from Barney: 21.95 AED.
  • Original Swein from Oreo: price 23.90 AED.
  • Almarai Farms Juice: Priced at 14.95 AED.
  • Multi-pack of ice cream from Kwality: priced at 7.95 AED.
  • Assorted ice cream from Kwality: priced at 12.95 AED.
  • Assorted ice cream from Walls: priced at 14.95 AED.
  • Mai Dubai: priced at 4.95 AED.
  • F Al Rawdah Springs: priced at 2.95 UAE dirhams.
  • Pineapple juice from Del Monte: price 8.95 AED.
  • Various drinks from Anoczay: priced at 9.95 AED.
  • Al-Aas Rubbero 6*1.5 liters, special offer: priced at 7.95 AED.
  • Al Ain Asham water, offer 6*1.5 liters: priced at 4.50 AED.
  • Original evaporated milk from Repto: price 26.95 AED.
  • Habka tea bags: priced at 15.95 AED.
  • Alokozai tea bags: priced at 14.95 AED.
  • Brooke Bond Red Label Tea Bags: priced at 10.95 AED.
  • Noor Mayonnaise: priced at 9.95 AED.
  • Fresh Al Shifa honey: priced at 34.95 AED.
  • Soy milk from Soy Fresh: priced at AED 9.90.
  • Lemon juice from Yamama: priced at 8.95 AED.
  • Heinz Tomato Ketchup: priced at 13.95 AED.

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