Due to the war: the Israeli All-Star is in doubt, the state cup for youth has been cancelled

The war of iron swords and its consequences continue to affect Israeli sports and due to the tight and complicated schedule imposed on the professional teams in Israel, unplanned changes are now also coming.

The traditional youth state cup final that was held every year was canceled and will not be held this year due to the schedule of the youth teams and the number of games until the end of the season, as well as the European youth championships that will be held in the summer months and require the end of the season at a time that does not affect the preparations for the championship.

Maccabi Tel Aviv lifts the State Youth Cup in 2023, Photography: Oded Karni

Also, “Israel Hayom” learned that in the Premier League, the traditional Israeli All-Star Game, which brings together the many Israeli and foreign league stars in one game for an exhibition game, three-pointers and rings competition, is also in doubt due to the tight schedule and the effects of the fighting.

The league administration that organizes the event has been considering in the last few weeks whether the event can be held and in what configuration, when as of this moment a final decision has not yet been made.


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Roman Sorkin in the casting contest, Photography: Oded Karni

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