Al-Fakharani and Mustafa Shaaban…art stars at the funeral of Magdy Al-Hawwar’s sister

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Tuesday 05 March 2024

Books – Marwan Al-Tayeb:

A large number of art and media stars were keen to console director Magdy El Hawari on the death of his sister, with the condolences held at the Al-Rahman Al-Rahim Mosque in Salah Salem.

Among these stars were the artist Mustafa Shaaban, the artist Yahya Al-Fakharani, and his son, director Shadi Al-Fakharani, who was keen to attend and offer his condolences, along with the screenwriter Amr Mahmoud Yassin.

Director Magdy Al-Hawari announced the death of his sister on Sunday morning, explaining that the funeral prayer took place after the noon prayer from Mrs. Nafisa. Al-Hawari said: “We belong to God and to Him we shall return. My sister and beloved passed away to God’s mercy. I pray for mercy and prayers for her after the noon prayer from Mrs. Nafisa’s mosque. From us is Al-Fatihah.”

Director Magdy El Hawary celebrated his wedding to the stylist and artist Donia Abdel Maboud last October.

Magdy Al-Hawari directed a number of television, cinematic and even theatrical works, which achieved great public success, most notably the play “Aladdin” starring the artist Ahmed Ezz, the play “3 Days on the Coast” starring the artist Mohamed Henedy, and the play “Yama fi al-Jarab ya Hawi” starring the great star Yehia. Al-Fakharani.

It is noteworthy that director Magdy El Hawary’s latest work was in the series “Daima Amer,” starring the artist Mustafa Shaaban, and shown during the Ramadan 2022 season.

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