Egypt.. What do we know about the Al-Ahram Studio fire and the losses amid the evacuations of neighboring properties?

Dubai United Arab Emirates (CNN)— Pictures and videos of the fire that broke out at Al-Ahram Studios in the Omraniya area in Giza Governorate sparked widespread interaction among activists on social media.

Are there human casualties in the Al-Ahram Studios fire?:

The Egyptian artist, Fattouh Ahmed, said that the Al-Ahram Studios fire and the “complete combustion” of the filming location for the series “The Teacher” in which he is starring “did not result in human losses, but there were minor cases of suffocation that were dealt with by ambulances stationed around the fire,” according to what was reported by him. Al-Ahram Gate.

Evacuation of properties adjacent to Al-Ahram Studios:

mentioned Giza Governorate, in a statement published on its Facebook page: “Major General Ahmed Rashid, Governor of Giza, went to follow up on the efforts of the civil protection forces in extinguishing the fire that broke out in Al-Ahram Studio in the Omraniya area. He explained that immediately after the fire broke out, fire engines and all the governorate’s agencies went to assist civil protection in the firefighting work, stressing their presence until the fire was finished dealing with. “Achieving full control over it and implementing cooling works for the site.”

The governor pointed out that “a number of neighboring properties were evacuated until the firefighting work was completed, in order to ensure the public safety of citizens.”

It is noteworthy that Al-Jazira Governorate attached pictures of the fire site in its statement, which it published on its page on the Facebook platform.

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