Fifi Abdo: I buy a shroud every year and have not written a will

Published on: Thursday, March 14, 2024 – 8:56 AM | Last updated: Thursday, March 14, 2024 – 8:56 AM

The star, Fifi Abdo, revealed that she buys a shroud for herself every year from Saudi Arabia and then gives it in charity and does not write a will, saying: “Every year I buy a shroud from Saudi Arabia and then give it to charity and do not write a will and leave it to God. My children are convinced of the provision and the opinion of the one who dies does not leave anything and spends.” “For the last penny.”

Fifi Abdo added, during an interview on the “Ink Secret” program, with the journalist Asma Ibrahim, on the Cairo Wal Nas channel, that it is the person who works and gets the money, not the other way around, and every person must care about his health because health is the real treasure, saying: “The shark is us.” What we get is not what gets us, and our health is the most important thing.”

She joked, saying: “People are workers going bankrupt, and I have to think about the soil, and suddenly you find a lot of people dying, and every family has people dying, and in the time of Corona, I stayed for two years without seeing anyone at all, and the first time I went out, I came back infected, and this is one of the dark things that I went through, and I remained isolated and not feeling any need.” .

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