Fifi Abdo: I refuse my granddaughter to practice dancing professionally… and artistic works make it a disreputable profession

Shaima Rizk

Published on: Wednesday, March 13, 2024 – 8:50 PM | Last updated: Wednesday, March 13, 2024 – 8:50 PM

Actress Fifi Abdo expressed her refusal for her granddaughter to become a professional belly dancer, in response to a question: whether she would encourage her granddaughter “Shahd” if she wanted to become a professional belly dancer, or whether she would reject it.

Fifi explained, during a special interview on the “Ink Secret” program, presented by the journalist Asma Ibrahim, broadcast on the “Cairo and the People” channel, on Wednesday evening, that if this request had been in her time, she would have agreed and encouraged her granddaughter’s decision to take up belly dancing professionally.

She added: “If my granddaughter asked to dance Ayami, I would have agreed because it was respectful… and the people who used to follow belly dancing were heavy, and they are not like now, anyone who talks to me.”

She pointed out that she has made a great effort to reach the position she is in now, stressing that her granddaughter will not turn to dancing, in addition to the fact that she is an educated and cultured person, and studies at the College of Economics and Political Science.

She continued: “She saw what we are suffering from.. She is educated, not like me. I am coming out of 3rd grade of primary school.. and I took a life certificate after I was tired and bleeding so that I could stay alive now.”

She denounced the mental image of the dancer in artistic and dramatic works, presenting her as an example of a morally deviant woman and a notorious profession, stressing that deviance exists in all professions and is not limited only to dancers.

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