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The echoes of the Olympic team crisis are still ongoing in order to reach a solution before sending the final list participating in the Paris Olympics.

And science Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, is currently holding a crucial meeting with a number of Egyptian football officials.

Ashraf Sobhi meets with officials from the Football Association and the Clubs Association to decide the fate of the Olympic team.

The Minister of Sports informed all parties that the Olympic team crisis should not come out in such a bad light, and the problem must be resolved with the clubs.

Ashraf Sobhi proposed the idea of ​​postponing the league competition if this was the only crisis to solve the Olympic team’s problem.

As for the final Olympic team list, we know The team sent part of the list and not the whole list.

The Olympic team will be fined for the delay in sending the final list, and the Olympic team accepted this.

Zamalek player Ahmed Zizo was at the top of the Olympic team list, with Mohamed Elneny’s name postponed pending the resolution of the problem of overage players in a meeting with the Minister of Sports.

The Olympic team is awaiting the outcome of the current Sports Minister’s meeting before sending the rest of the list.

Al-Ahly club had refused to include the duo Imam Ashour and Mohamed Abdel Moneim in the Olympic team due to the competition for the league title and the pressure of matches.

Al-Ahly explained to the Football Association that it will leave the Olympic team trio Hamza Alaa, Ahmed Nabil Kouka and Karim El-Dabbas to join the team in the Paris Olympics.

Al-Ahly stipulated that the trio be sent at the same time as Pyramids, its rival for the league title, sends its players.

Pyramids had agreed to the inclusion of Ibrahim Adel and Mahmoud Saber, but requested that their inclusion be postponed until after the match against Al-Ahly on July 12.

The Egyptian national team is in Group 3 at the Paris Olympics, along with the national teams of Spain, Uzbekistan, and the Dominican Republic.

The Olympic team’s matches are as follows:

Egypt x Dominican Republic (July 24)

Egypt x Uzbekistan (July 27)

Egypt x Spain (July 30)

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