Find out the meaning of the word “self-made man” after it appeared in the events of the “Beit Al-Rifai” series

Revealing the flashback that appeared before the beginning of the events of Episode 23 of House of Al-Rifai series By the star Amir Karara, which is shown on the ON channel and the Watch it platform, about the family atmosphere that the Al-Rifai family was experiencing when Yassin “Amir Karara” and his wife Hind “Enas Kamel” visited and their daughter Habiba, where the mother Laila “Safaa Al-Toukhi” offered Yassin to come and live with them. In the villa.

The events revealed that Yassin and his wife Hind lived in a small apartment, and Yassin’s determination to live in it and not to live with his family in the villa was one of the reasons for their divorce, as the duo appears talking together about this matter, and Hind insists on leaving the small apartment in which they live and living in Al-Rifai’s villa, and she tells him, “You want to.” You remain a self-made man.. What does self-made mean in the Arabic language?
According to the definition and meaning of “self-made” in the comprehensive Arabic dictionary of meanings – an Arabic-Arabic dictionary
(Nast to Issam bin Shahira). :- Self-made :-: That is, someone who learned on his own and gained knowledge by relying on his own abilities.
Self-made :-
He who is honored by himself, not by his fathers, or who builds himself through his toil, struggle, and diligence: – A self-made man/student, – Be self-made and do not be great. [مثل]: Honor yourself, not your fathers who have become great.
Everyone is keen on escaping Egypt completely and traveling to Europe, where he wants to live in a calm atmosphere and without injustice.
Yassin asked Saeed to prepare a fake passport so that he could travel with it to Europe, and he told Jamalat and Samia about it, but the latter feels angry and sad because Yassin will leave her despite her love for him. She also feels jealous because of his travel to Europe to settle in Europe next to his daughter and ex-wife, Hind “Enas Kamel.” Samia fears that Yassin will return to his ex-wife again.

Beit Al-Rifai series starring: Amir Karara, Ahmed Rizk, Sayed Ragab, Mirna Jamil, Mohamed Lotfy, Tamer Nabil, Safaa Al-Toukhi, Malak Qawra, Rehab El-Gamal, Enas Kamel, Aida Riyad, Ahmed Fouad Selim, Ahmed Abdullah, Mustafa Abbas and a number of others. Among the artists, written by Peter Mimi, Hend Abdullah, and Amr Abu Zeid, directed by Ahmed Nader Galal, and produced by Synergy Company.
The series “Beit Al-Rifai” is based on the conflicts between the family over inheritance and managing their business. The promo revealed two cousins ​​who have a large house in Nazlet El-Semman. Karara lives far from the family and their business because he is not satisfied with it, but he finds himself in conflict with his cousin Ahmed. Rizk is appointed leader of the family, and at the same time he is accused of killing his father and is forced to flee.

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