Find out the truth about the inclusion of festivals singer Issam Sasa on waiting lists.. details

After receiving a forensic report positive for drug use Festivals singer Issam Sasa For narcotic drugs when he was driving his car and ran over a citizen, which led to his accidental death, on the ring road in Talbieh. The Public Prosecution issued a decision to arrest him, and he may issue a decision to include Sosa He is on the waiting list for his arrival as he travels due to several concerts in Dubai.

He was Festivals singer Issam Sasa He left the Talbieh Police Department, after completing the procedures for his release and paying the 30,000 pounds financial bail estimated by the Public Prosecution, yesterday, Monday, after his arrival from the Forensic Medicine Department, where he conducted a drug analysis..

The Omraniya Prosecution issued 9 decisions and assigned the security services to implement them, including::

First: The so-called Jamal Muftah Ahmed Mahrous will be dismissed from the prosecution office.

Second: The accused is sent Issam Sasa To the Forensic Medicine Department to take a urine and blood sample to determine whether or not he is using any narcotic or intoxicating substances and prepare a detailed report that will be presented to us immediately upon completion..

Third: After implementing the second clause, the accused, Essam Taha Talaat Mohani, will be released if he pays a financial guarantee amounting to thirty thousand pounds. In the event of inability to pay, he will be presented to us early in the morning to consider the matter of imprisoning the accused..

Fourth: The health inspector is tasked with signing the apparent medical examination on the victim, Ahmed Muftah Ahmed Mahrous, as well as a statement of his injuries, their cause, and how they occurred, and whether or not she caused the death, as well as a statement of whether or not there is criminal suspicion in the death..

Fifth: Following the implementation of Clause Fourth, and in the absence of criminal suspicion in the death, the body of the deceased Ahmed Moftah Ahmed Mahrous will be authorized to be buried. His family has sincere condolences from the Public Prosecution..

Sixth: The driver’s and management licenses of the accused Issam Taha are attached to the case papers.

Seventh: One of the technical engineers in the Traffic Department is assigned to examine the safety and durability of the seized vehicle, numbered “SCR 1438,” as well as to examine the safety of the brakes and horn, with the preparation of a detailed report that will be presented to us at the time..

Eighth: The seized vehicle will continue to be seized until another decision is issued regarding it.

Ninth: An officer is assigned to inspect the place where the incident was committed to determine whether or not there are cameras in the vicinity of the incident, and in the first case, the content of those cameras will be divided into the hour and date of the incident’s occurrence..

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