Flags and phrases bearing the name Gaza.. The series with the highest viewership rate supports the Palestinian cause in its own way

Al-Shaima Ahmed Farouk

Published on: Monday, March 11, 2024 – 3:24 PM | Last updated: Monday, March 11, 2024 – 3:24 PM

The dramatic marathon of Ramadan 2024 series has begun, and the social media audience has been focusing meticulously on the details of the works recently. Hardly a frame or piece of decor passes by without having a space of display on personal or public pages.

Among the observations captured in the “Highest Viewing Rate” series was the Palestinian flag, which appeared in more than one frame, in addition to phrases supporting Gaza.

• Palestinian flags in the castle

The episodes of the series “Highest Viewing Rate” began on MBC yesterday, Sunday, and the series stars Salma Abu Deif, Laila Ahmed Zaher, Intisar, Mohamed Mahmoud, Farah Youssef, Hind Abdel Halim, Islam Ibrahim, and Jala Hisham, and directed by Yasmine Ahmed Kamel. Screenplay and dialogue by Samar Taher.

It is clear from the first and second episodes, which were shown of the work, that most of its scenes were filmed in real neighborhoods in the streets of Egypt, specifically the Citadel area, in addition to its focus on the lower classes of Egyptian society, who suffer from harsh financial conditions and crushing crises, and whose family members resort to work. To pay their expenses, the mother works to prepare and sell homemade foods, and enlists the help of her daughters to distribute food to homes, and the father is looking for work in addition to his work as a calligrapher and painter, as he tries to draw manuscripts in Arabic calligraphy and sell them to antique stores.

In one of the scenes of the series, in the second episode, Palestinian flags and expressions of support for the besieged Gaza Strip appeared on the walls of the streets, while Shaima “Salma Abu Deif” and her friend “Jala Hisham” were wandering in the neighborhoods of the area in which they live, after the end of their school day.

Shaima’s character is the main character in the work, and her life changes after a “Tik Tok” clip of her with her brothers, the girls, spreads on social media platforms. The simple girl becomes a trend without her knowing it, and the girls around her try to convince her to take advantage of the opportunity and make a clip. Another video to benefit from this spread, and her little sister supports this idea, as she sought from the beginning to get views on her channel on “Tik Tok,” and this was not achieved until after her sister Shaima appeared with her in the video, during a spontaneous moment.

• Frequent support

The appearance of the Palestinian flag or symbols supporting the cause is not new in drama recently, as this has been repeated in two other works, namely: “A Special Case” starring Taha Desouki, and “Zeinhom” starring Ahmed Daoud and Karim Qassem.

In one of the scenes of the series A Special Case, actress Hajar Al-Sarraj appeared, playing the role of “Ramallah,” carrying a bag in the shape of a map of Palestine with Ramallah written on it. She was searching in the scene for the novel “Safe Weddings,” which is a novel by the Palestinian poet and novelist Ibrahim Nasr. God is concerned with the Palestinian issue first and foremost.

In the series “Zeinhom”, a map of Palestine colored in the color of the Palestinian flag appeared on the walls in many scenes, and the actors also took care to wear clothes bearing some details of the State of Palestine and its slogan.

All of this comes within the framework of the general state of support that the world is experiencing for the city of Gaza and Palestine in general, after the brutal Israeli aggression, which began on October 7, 2023 and continues until now, and led to the deaths of thousands of martyrs and wounded, the displacement and demolition of the homes of thousands of Palestinians, in addition to the bombing of hospitals and the killing of unarmed civilians. .

This repeated presence of the flags and symbols of the State of Palestine in Egyptian drama is not obtrusive, as it expresses the state of the Egyptian street, which expresses its support for the cause in various ways. In the street, we notice the presence of the name and flag of Palestine on means of transportation, starting from buses to “microbuses” and “ Popular taktak.

With the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, many streets were keen to transform Ramadan decorations, the annual popular ritual in Egyptian streets, into the colors of the Palestinian flag.

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