For these purposes in Ramadan.. Ahal| An important alert to “Human Resources” regarding child exploitation

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development issued an important alert highlighting the exploitation of children for marketing purposes.

Through its official platform, it stressed the need to protect children and not expose them to exploitation in commercial and advertising activities, stressing that this conflicts with Article Three of the Child Protection System and its executive regulations.

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The Ministry indicated that this measure comes within the framework of its endeavor to protect children from the negative effects of their exposure to large audiences, which may affect their age development and make them vulnerable to bullying among their peers.

At the same time, it emphasized monitoring non-profit entities that exploit children in donation and marketing campaigns during the month of Ramadan.

She confirmed that she will take the necessary legal measures to confront these violations, reminding everyone of the need to contact the Ministry via the number “19911” or through the Ministry’s application to report any cases of exploitation related to children.

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