Free internet and calls… Vodafone compensates customers for technical malfunctions

12:13 AM

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Books – Alaa Hajjaj:

Vodafone Egypt sent various messages to customers informing them of how to compensate them for the technical malfunction that affected the company’s call and Internet services today.

This evening, a customer of the Red system received a message stating that he was compensated with 5 GB of free mobile internet for 3 days, while a customer in the Vodafone Flex system received a message stating that he was compensated with free calls and internet for 24 hours, with a maximum of 500 units.

Vodafone Egypt customers were surprised this morning that the service stopped and no network appeared on the mobile phone. Later, the company said that it was able to solve the technical problems that led to the interruption of call and phone data services for the fourth generation network. The cause of the malfunction was attributed to updates to one of the network components that occurred in the morning.

In a statement announcing the return of the service, the company promised to compensate all affected customers with free increases on subscription packages within 24 hours, “in appreciation of its customers’ trust and its commitment to them to provide the best services.”

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