Gallant reveals the “bad choices” for the future of Gaza after the war

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant said that there are 4 options for the future of Gaza, all of them bad, but he ranked them in order of severity of damage.

The Mini Ministerial Council for Political Security Affairs witnessed tensions between ministers and the Minister of Defense Yoav Galantafter speaking about what he saw as “bad options for the future of Gaza.”

Israeli Channel 12 reported that Gallant ranked the four options from worst to least bad, indicating that the worst option of all is the survival of Hamas in the wake of the war.

Gallant said that the second worst option is that Israel is forced to impose a military regime on the Gaza Strip after the war, as this option “will cost Israel many of the lives of its soldiers, in addition to the loss of significant military resources and energies that will detract from the army’s balance of readiness on the northern border and in the West Bank.” .

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He added that there is another option that is not excluded, but it is less bad than the previous two options, which is for the Gaza Strip to witness a state of chaos that will prompt the international community to expend huge resources in it, and lead it towards excessive preoccupation with the Strip. As for the fourth and final option, which from his point of view is the least bad, is The Gaza Strip is ruled by a local entity other than Hamas.

The divergence of visions between the parties deepens the impasse of the “day after” the war in Gaza

Gallant’s speech caused a commotion inside the cabinet, where he attacked him Minister Yariv Levin Minister Miri Regev strongly stressed that this last scenario, i.e. seeking help from the Palestinian Authority and assigning local elements as an inevitable option, is “unacceptable to us,” according to what the channel reported, citing the two ministers. The two ministers added to Gallant: “This is how you are actually restoring the Palestinian Authority.”

For his part, Gallant responded: “Whoever says ‘no’ without coming up with another alternative, chooses one of the other three options. Those who pay the price today due to the absence of a political decision in this regard are the army soldiers.”

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