Gaza War: Israel kills Hamas leaders in Rafah and Lebanon, and the United Nations uses a new land route to deliver food to northern Gaza

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Smoke rising after an explosion in Gaza – March 13, 2024

The Hamas movement announced through its official Telegram account that the head of the Rafah Emergency Committee, Nidal Sheikh Eid, and the deputy head of police operations, Mahmoud Abu Hasna, were killed in Israeli raids at dawn on Thursday.

Hamas’ announcement comes after the Israeli army announced the killing of Hamas leader Hadi Ali Mustafa in a bombing that targeted a car carrying him in Lebanon on Wednesday, whose death was also confirmed by Hamas.

The movement said in its statement: “The cowardly assassination carried out by the Zionist occupation army of the head of the Emergency Committee in Rafah, the martyr Nidal Sheikh Eid, and the deputy head of police operations, the martyr Mahmoud Abu Hasna, is a criminal act, through which the Nazi enemy aims to confuse the internal front and create a situation.” From chaos, and preventing any attempt to provide relief to our displaced people.”

Abu Hasna was killed as a result of an air strike carried out by the Israeli army on Rafah, hours after UNRWA announced that an Israeli bombing had hit its food distribution centre.

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