Georgina Rodriguez participates in the trend and meets social media celebrities

Striking views of Georgina Rodriguez during the past hours in Riyadh, after her participation in more than one event there.

Audience about Georgina: Sheikh Georgina

In detail, the public circulated a video of Georgina from one of the events she attended, where upon her arrival she perfumed her hair and part of her clothes with incense.

Georgina Rodriguez

The audience’s comments were funny on the video, such as “Sheikha of Sheikhat, Georgina”… “Indeed, she has become Saudi” and others, indicating that she has begun to apply the culture of Saudi women.

Georgina Rodriguez with social media celebrities

At another event, where she appeared in a black dress, Georgina met with a number of social media celebrities and fashionistas, such as Fouz Al-Fahd and Noha Nabil Nabil, in addition to actress Amira Muhammad, who was present at the event.

Georgina Rodriguez

Fawz shared a number of videos via Snapchat with Georgina, and the relationship between them was clear, as Georgina was taking her phone when she met Fawz, as if she was the one welcoming Fahd.

Al-Fahad and Georgina win

Also, through Noha’s Snapchat tour, she also shared videos and photos with Georgina. She commented on one of them, “You are joking about what Georgina and I talked about.”

Noha Nabil

Amira Muhammad also shared pictures of her with Georgina, pictures of her with Fahd, and a video of her appearance at the event in which she was present with the rest of the celebrities.

Georgina sparkled at the dinner in a black dress and shared a group of photos of her look on Instagram from the Roberto Quinn Gallery, and decorated it with a luxurious set of jewelry, commenting, “Last night.”

Participate in the Tik Tok trend

Georgina also implemented the TikTok trend for the “English language” video by sharing a video on her account with the comment “Sorry not sorry” and adding a white heart emoji.

ظهرت في الأصل على

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