Biden and Trump win a majority of states on Super Tuesday | News


Both US presidents won Joe Biden And the former president Donald Trump Most states in the two-party primaries Democrat AndRepublicanThis brings them very close to obtaining their party’s nomination for the presidential elections next November.

The primaries for the two parties were held in 15 states and the South Pacific province of Samoa within the framework of the so-called “Super Tuesday”, and did not produce any surprises.

According to the latest results published by American media, the potential candidate for the Democratic Party, Joe Biden (81 years old), won in all the states, and only lost in the province of Samoa to his rival, businessman Jason Palmer, while Trump (77 years old) won in 12 states, and lost. Against his rival, Nikki Haley, in the state of Vermont, to be the second to win after Washington, DC.

According to the announced results, both the current and former presidents won the states of Texas, California, Alabama, Colorado, Maine, Oklahoma, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Minnesota, and Massachusetts, and Biden also won in Utah, Vermont, and Iowa.

Although Haley was able to win in Vermont, Trump defeated her in states that were supposed to support her, such as Maine and Virginia.

Trump is now on an open path to obtaining the Republican Party nomination for the upcoming presidential elections, even though he is being prosecuted in several cases, and it is expected that his trial in one of those cases will begin before the next November elections.

Biden warned again about what he called Trump’s threat to American (European) democracy.

Biden’s victory for the Democratic Party nomination is now almost guaranteed, but he faces dissatisfaction from some voters within the party, especially because of his administration’s position in support of Israel in its war on Gaza.

In a speech he delivered at his residence in Florida, the potential Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, described his victory in most of the United States that was contested yesterday, Tuesday, as amazing, and attacked the policies of his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, in the field of immigration, describing him as “the worst president.”

On the other hand, Biden attacked his Republican opponent and said that he was determined to destroy American democracy.

Biden added that Trump “will do or say anything to gain power.”

According to RealClearPolitics media polls, the potential Republican candidate, Donald Trump, has a 65-point lead over his rivals in the primary elections, and by two points over the likely Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, in the presidential elections.

Two days ago, a poll conducted by the New York Times and Siena University showed that 48% of voters would choose Trump, compared to only 43% for Biden, if the presidential elections were held now.

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